SquareCle, Jump!

Hey! :DThis is my first game, it's basically a platformer where you have to [...]

Zen Tree – Random Tree Generator

Zen Tree is a Random Tree Generator which as it's name: generates procedura [...]

Flappy plane

try not to die in this this game. Dodge of all of the rocks. Are you the master [...]

Roulette Calculator

A simple calculator to find your balance and winnings from each bet in Roulette [...]

Move in a Curved Manner

Move the blue dot in any direction ensuring you keep an equal distance from the [...]

Dog Racing Betting

This is a game of betting on dog racing.Have fun with this game. To play just cl [...]

Maze Maker

Draw your own colourful mazes in no time with Maze Maker [left click] -select an [...]


Jogo feito para o trabalho de Neurometria do 1º Ano "A". Estore a [...]


Minigame Five NIghts at Freddys Arrows to walk its only this seriously

Infinite Roller

Get the highest score you can in this super fun and simple game!Try to jump from [...]